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Our mission is to share the benefits and education of feeding your canine and feline pals a raw natural diet.

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  • Entrance to the store will be through the glass balcony door.
  • Exit through the main door out to the parking lot.
  • The street level door will remain locked.
  • In-store shopping hours Monday to Sunday 10-5.
  • Note: orders may be placed for exterior pick up until 6pm.
  • Dietary consultations by appointment only.
DO –
  • Please be patient, there may be wait times.
  • Wait for a staff member to let you in.
  • Sanitize your hands.
  • Wear a mask if you have one.
  • Gloves will be provided for you.
  • Limit of 3 people in-store at any one time.
  • Limit your visit to only 2 people per household.
  • Children need to be with their parents while shopping.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Credit/Debit only NO cash.
Thank you,



  • Pick up’s available through main parking lot door.
  • Wait for a staff member to bring your order to the door.
  • Phone 236-333-8151 to place or pick up an order.
  • Email intherawinc@hotmail.com to place an order.
  • Hours available Monday to Sunday 10-6.
DO –
  • Please be patient, there may be wait times for phone calls.
  • Please leave a message so we can return your call.
  • Wait for a staff member to bring your order to the door.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Credit/E-transfer only NO cash/debit.
I have been a customer for 18 years now and love the special attention the employees provide. I’ve watched them help people get started on the raw diet and spent hours talking to people and creating affordable meal plans.
Lisa Koncsik
This store has everything you need, awesome treat selection, raw food, toys, beds etc. Have been shopping here since it opened about 15 years ago? The best thing? The knowledgable staff, everyone knows what they are talking about, they truly know about the products and how to feed a raw food diet, which is huge. Well done guys.
Karen Gilbert

Raw Food

For more information on what a raw diet is and how to use it.


We carry supplements to help the health of your pet.


We have a wide range of accessories, toys and treats.